Everyone experiences some sort of trauma in their lifetime which can range from what may seem to be a simple event up to more complex traumas involving PTSD. Divorce, death of a loved one, accidents or even what may seem to be a smaller incident in ones mind from childhood can be a trauma. Many times migraines, and other physical ailments can be caused by a past event or memory that can be resolved through “emotional” reframing and anchoring with color.  Healing From Within Wellness can assist with building confidence, work with those suffering from migraines and other areas a client may want to address. It is not uncommon for certain memories to come up during the process that one is not aware is impacting their decisions since we operate mainly from our subconscious. I am certified in Hypnotherapy and using technique called HMR or Holographic Memory Resolution® developed by Brent Baum.  HMR was created out of a need to assist those in outpatient treatment centers to resolve memory based trauma causing one to relapse. Trauma is encoded in our bodies, which can cause illnesses, chronic pain, depression, addiction among other disorders. His work is known at Miraval Resort and Spa in Northwest Tucson, he has assisted survivors of and rescue personnel from 9/11 among other more traumatic events.  Medical residents of Dr.Weil’s Integrative Medicine program have also worked with Brent at various locations. Brent’s work and more in-depth description of HMR is on his website, http://www.healingdimensions.com.

I am also certified in Reiki and can combine both modalities together or separately depending on the needs of my client.

I use different tools in conjunction with my work that can be seen on my other pages.